“Some people have faces that are as thick as brick walls.”

“Her audacity knows no bounds, with a face like a fortress.”

“A thick-skinned person has a face that could deflect bullets.”

“You could write a novel on his shameless face.”

“She has the audacity to show her face after what she did.”

“His face is like a canvas, displaying his incredible nerve.”

“You need a Sherpa to climb his face, it’s that thick.”

“Her face is so bold, it could stop traffic.”

“He wears his shamelessness on his face like a badge.”

“She must think her face is made of Teflon – nothing sticks!”

“A person with a face like that should have a hotline to the audacity police.” JAMES BOND BOOK QUOTES

“His face is so thick, it’s like an impenetrable fortress protecting his ego.”

“I have encountered many people with thick skins, but never one with such a thick face.”

“You could knock on her face and not even get a response – that’s how thick it is.”

“His face is a testament to his ability to ignore all sense of shame.”

“With a face like that, she could walk through a storm of criticism unscathed.”

“If audacity had a face, it would look exactly like his.”

“Her face could withstand a nuclear blast – that’s how impervious it is to embarrassment.”

“He has the kind of face that just screams ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks.'”

“Her face is a fortress of denial, shielding her from any consequences.”

“No matter what you say or do, his face remains as thick as ever.”