“The biggest regret you’ll ever have is giving up on someone who never gave up on you.”

“The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of discipline.”

“Regretting someone is like carrying a weight you were never meant to lift.”

“Don’t make him a priority if he only sees you as an option. Make him regret losing someone who never saw him as anything less than extraordinary.”

“Regret is a useless emotion. Learn from the past and move forward with a stronger and smarter heart.”

“You’ll never regret being kind, but you might regret being silent when kindness was needed.”

“Never beg someone to stay in your life. If they want to leave, make them regret losing someone as special as you.”

“The greatest gifts you can give yourself are forgiveness and self-love. Regret will only hold you back.”

“Making someone regret losing you requires you to love yourself enough to never settle for less than you deserve.”

“Regretting the past won’t change a thing. Focus on the present and create a future that makes the past irrelevant.”

“Regretting someone who couldn’t appreciate your worth is like crying over spilled milk. It’s better to focus on finding someone who values you.” SO MUCH TO DO SO LITTLE TIME QUOTE

“Don’t waste your time making someone regret losing you. Invest that energy into becoming the best version of yourself and attracting someone who deserves you.”

“The best revenge is to live a happy and successful life. Make him regret losing the woman who only wanted to see him thrive.”

“Regret is a strong word, but settling for less than you deserve is an even stronger one.”

“Never apologize for the choices you’ve made. Your past actions have shaped you into the strong person you are today, and anyone who can’t see that doesn’t deserve to be a part of your future.”

“Don’t regret the time you invested in someone who didn’t appreciate it. Regret not realizing sooner that they weren’t worth your time.”

“Regret should be a teacher, not a jailer. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t allow them to define you.”

“Never look back with regret. Instead, look forward with determination and a commitment to create a better future for yourself.”

“Don’t waste your time seeking revenge. Focus on creating a life so fabulous that he’ll regret ever letting you go.”

“Regret is a reminder of what could have been if you had chosen differently. But it’s also a reminder that you have the power to choose differently moving forward.”