“Man is not God, and his fallibility is an inherent part of his nature.” – Unknown

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope

“Man may have godlike potential, but he also possesses very human limitations.” – Unknown

“The frailty of man is a reminder that he is not, and can never be, equal to God.” – Unknown

“Man may strive for godhood, but his mortality reminds him of his limitations.” – Unknown

“Man’s arrogance lies in believing he can replace God’s wisdom with his own.” – Unknown

“Man’s quest for power often blinds him to his own mortality and humanness.” – Unknown

“Man’s ego often places him above God, but his mortality quickly brings him down to reality.” – Unknown

“Man’s imperfections make him uniquely human, separate from the perfection of God.” – Unknown

“Man’s inability to control the natural forces of the world proves his limitations as a divine being.” – Unknown

“Man’s attempts to play God result in chaos and destruction, a reminder of his limitations.” – Unknown I LIKE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE QUOTES

“Man’s arrogance in believing he can create life is a stark reminder of his fallibility.” – Unknown

“Man’s limited knowledge and understanding cannot compare to the omniscience of God.” – Unknown

“Man’s inability to control his own destiny proves he is not a deity.” – Unknown

“Man’s destructive tendencies are a clear indication of his imperfection in comparison to God.” – Unknown

“Man may achieve great things, but his actions cannot compare to the power of God.” – Unknown

“Man’s mortality serves as a constant reminder that he is not immortal like God.” – Unknown

“Man’s limited lifespan is a reminder that he is not an eternal being like God.” – Unknown

“Man’s limited understanding of the universe demonstrates his inability to be God.” – Unknown

“Man’s struggles and suffering cannot be attributed to his divine nature, for he is not God.” – Unknown