“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

“I can do this all day.” – Captain America

“I am Iron Man.” – Tony Stark

“The greatest power in the universe is the power to change.” – Star-Lord

“I have nothing to prove to you.” – Carol Danvers

“It’s not about how much we lost, it’s about how much we have left.” – Tony Stark

“Sometimes you have to run before you can walk.” – Tony Stark

“The world has changed, and none of us can go back.” – Steve Rogers

“Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” – Tony Stark

“Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.” – Charles Xavier

“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.” – T’Challa I BOUGHT A NEW CAR QUOTES

“The only way you can beat my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you. I’ll be back.” – Loki

“We never lose our demons. We only learn to live above them.” – Doctor Strange

“Part of the journey is the end.” – Tony Stark

“Heroes are made from something more than what others see.” – Natasha Romanoff

“The truth is a matter of circumstances, it’s not all things to all people all the time.” – Nick Fury

“The world has enough superheroes.” – Mysterio

“We are Groot.” – Groot

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Black Panther

“You’re strong, but I could snap my fingers and you’d all cease to exist.” – Thanos