“Sometimes, the people we consider family are nothing but matlabi rishte (selfish relationships).”

“Beware of those who only stick around when they need something, they are the epitome of matlabi rishte.”

“True relationships are built on trust and selflessness, not on matlabi rishte.”

“Don’t waste your time on people who only care about themselves, they are just matlabi rishte.”

“When faced with matlabi rishte, learn to let go and surround yourself with genuine connections.”

“Don’t be fooled by the illusion of friendship, some people are just stuck in matlabi rishte.”

“Matlabi rishte drain your energy, focus on nurturing meaningful relationships instead.”

“Forget the matlabi rishte and treasure those who love you unconditionally.”

“Being surrounded by matlabi rishte can make you question the authenticity of true relationships.”

“Distance yourself from those who only have matlabi rishte to offer.”

“Matlabi rishte may seem appealing at first, but they will eventually reveal their true colors.”

“Don’t let matlabi rishte hinder your personal growth, cut them off and move forward.”

“Matlabi rishte can never provide the warmth and support of genuine connections.” DAY BY DAY QUOTES ABOUT LIFE

“It’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by matlabi rishte that drain your soul.”

“Don’t get entangled in the web of matlabi rishte, it’s a path to disappointment.”

“Choose your relationships wisely, steer clear of matlabi rishte that only bring negativity.”

“In a world full of matlabi rishte, be the one who values genuine connections.”

“Don’t let matlabi rishte prevent you from experiencing the beauty of true relationships.”

“Matlabi rishte may seem glamorous, but they lack the depth and authenticity of true connections.”

“Be cautious of those who only care about themselves, they are experts at maintaining matlabi rishte.”

“Don’t be fooled by false promises, matlabi rishte will always leave you empty-handed.”

“Matlabi rishte are like mirages, they promise everything but deliver nothing.”

“Don’t be afraid to cut ties with matlabi rishte, you deserve better.”

“Beware of those who are quick to abandon you, they are the embodiment of matlabi rishte.”

“Surround yourself with genuine relationships and let go of the toxic matlabi rishte that hold you back.”