“For al the world is bote a schadowe, and the lyf but a dreame.” – Geoffrey Chaucer ( “For all the world is but a shadow, and life but a dream.”)

“Man mai tak the hors to the water, but he mai not make him drinke.” – John Gower ( “A man may bring the horse to the water, but he may not make him drink.”)

“That childe is faire of face that dredeth noght his moder.” – William Langland ( “That child is fair of face who does not fear his mother.”)

“Life is a strange thing, aye, full of woe and gladdeness.” – Anonymous

“Whoso ever liveth to make another his benyfice, he fellith in Goddis displee.” – Sir Thomas Malory ( “Whoever lives to expect another’s charity, falls into God’s displeasure.”)

“Betere is to lyven in poverté, than in shame.” – John Lydgate ( “Better to live in poverty than in shame.”)

“All is vanité, save love oonly.” – Julian of Norwich ( “All is vanity, save love only.”)

“Trouthe and reson bourde bothe ille.” – John Wycliffe ( “Truth and reason work ill together.”)

“Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages.” – Geoffrey Chaucer ( “Then people long to go on pilgrimages.”)

“Right so alance the fyre in his passioun, that it devoureth alle othir thynges.” – John Gower ( “Right so did the fire in its passion, that it devoured all other things.”)

“Fulle seke is a syghte of my sorwe.” – William Langland ( “A full sight of my sorrow is a sign.”)

“Drede and faith and hope weren nguere assaied as we been.” – Julian of Norwich ( “Dread and faith and hope were never assayed as we are.”)

“He that all this world hath wrought, saith that his love norinieth noght.” – Anonymous ( “He who has created all this world says that his love does not nourish.”)

“Coueyte causeles doth deth arise.” – John Gower ( “Covetousness causes death to arise without reason.”)

“Forsak shall serve thee rechelees.” – John Lydgate ( “Forsake shall serve you recklessly.”) ROSALIND AS YOU LIKE IT QUOTES

“Fayntise hath soȝe wynne covenable sitere þan treuthe.” – John Wycliffe ( “Faintness has sought more suitable support than truth.”)

“This world is so full of wretchednesse.” – Geoffrey Chaucer ( “This world is so full of wretchedness.”)

“Alle thing wynneth theyr nature and kynde, save mankynne.” – William Langland ( “All things win their nature and kind, save mankind.”)

“I have noght tresour bot such as desirith me.” – Julian of Norwich ( “I have no treasure but what desires me.”)

“The world hath no such prerogatyf, but evermore it swyveth the liff.” – Anonymous ( “The world has no such prerogative, but always brings ruin to life.”)

“He craueth yit, and yit yow giveth more.” – John Gower ( “He craves yet, and yet you give him more.”)

“Shame doth trouthe ofte dispice.” – John Lydgate ( “Shame often despises the truth.”)

“He that al this worlde hath wrought, thar nought belangith to hym nouȝt.” – John Wycliffe ( “He who has created all this world does not care for it.”)

“This world is ful of falsnesse and unkyndnesse.” – Geoffrey Chaucer ( “This world is full of falseness and unkindness.”)

“Al that soweth in wynd schal he gader in tempest.” – William Langland ( “All that sows in wind shall gather in tempest.”)

“In the blysse of this syght, the trinité, God, aftur gret busynes gaf me to witte neuer the more.” – Julian of Norwich ( “In the bliss of this sight, the Trinity, God, after great busyness gave me to know nothing more.”)

“That which liketh to be remembred is hardly forgotten.” – Anonymous

“Frendshippe ferthe with theym, that fre well doth to entretyn ouer.” – John Gower ( “Friendship fares with those who treat it well.”)