“The mind is rational, but the heart is intuitive.” – Unknown

“Listen to your heart, but don’t forget to engage your mind.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“Overthinking can lead to dysfunction, while following your heart brings clarity.” – Unknown

“The heart wants what it wants, even when the mind disagrees.” – Woody Allen

“Trust your intuition, for the heart knows what the mind can’t comprehend.” – John C. Maxwell

“The mind may question, but the heart knows the truth.” – A.D. Posey

“Logic leads the mind, but emotions guide the heart.” – Unknown

“The heart’s voice is often drowned out by the mind’s noise.” – Shannon L. Alder

“The heart speaks in whispers; listen attentively.” – Maya Angelou

“The mind analyzes, but the heart knows.” – Albert Einstein

“Follow your heart, but take your mind with you.” – Alfred Adler WEDDING ANNIVERSARY QUOTES TO MY HUSBAND

“Let your heart guide you, but let your mind protect you.” – Unknown

“The mind builds walls, but the heart breaks them down.” – Unknown

“The heart knows what it wants, even when the mind is confused.” – Unknown

“Don’t be afraid to feel deeply; the heart has its own wisdom.” – Unknown

“The heart has reasons that reason cannot understand.” – Blaise Pascal

“The heart speaks the language of emotions, while the mind speaks the language of logic.” – Unknown

“The mind calculates, but the heart knows the way.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“Sometimes, the heart has its own agenda that the mind can’t control.” – Unknown

“Logic may lead, but the heart guides the way.” – Unknown

“The mind searches for answers, but the heart knows the truth.” – Unknown