“I can’t help but miss the idea of you, even though we barely know each other.”

“It’s strange how someone I barely know can leave such a lasting impression on my mind.”

“Though our encounter was brief, I find myself missing you.”

“I can’t explain it, but something about you makes me miss you even though we hardly know each other.”

“I barely know you, yet I still find myself wishing you were here.”

“Missing someone I barely know reminds me of the potential for connection and the beauty of human interaction.”

“Even though our paths briefly crossed, I can’t help but miss you and wonder what could have been.”

“It’s funny how someone I barely know can make me miss them so much.”

“Missing you feels strange, considering we barely know each other.”

“Sometimes the briefest encounters can leave the most profound gaps in our hearts.”

“Even though our connection was fleeting, I can’t help but miss your presence in my life.”

“How can I miss someone I barely know? It’s a testament to the impact you’ve had on me.” OWL FRIENDSHIP QUOTES

“I miss the brief moments we shared, and it makes me wonder if we’re destined to meet again.”

“It’s funny how someone I barely know can make me feel this way. I guess some connections are inexplicable.”

“You came into my life for a short while, but your absence now leaves a void that I can’t ignore.”

“Missing you feels like missing a puzzle piece that I never got to uncover.”

“Even though I barely know you, I can’t help but long for your presence.”

“You left a mark on my heart, even though our time together was fleeting.”

“Missing you is like missing a forgotten dream – hazy, yet so captivating.”

“Though we barely know each other, I can’t help but miss the potential for a deeper connection.”

“Despite our limited encounters, I miss the way you made me feel when we were together.”

“Missing someone I barely know has made me realize the power of an instantaneous connection.”