“I came here to drink milk and kick ass… and I’ve just finished my milk.” – Moss

“I’m sorry, are you from the past?” – Moss

“I think buying a spaceship is always a good idea.” – Moss

“I’d love to stay and chat, but you’re a total ****.” – Moss

“I’m disabled.” – Moss

“I’m not a woman, Jen. I think I know what an erection feels like.” – Moss

“Once you’ve opened your hands to the universe, you can’t take them back.” – Moss

“Would you put a label on an electric toaster that said ‘Do not immerse in water’? Of course you would, because you’re not a moron.” – Moss

“I don’t know how to do anything apart from be a geek… and that’s not even a real job.” – Moss

“I’m going through a difficult time at the moment. With my mum and being disabled…and gay…and having you as a friend…which is really the worst bit.” – Moss

“I’ve made a friend! That’s something that’s never happened to me before.” – Moss QUOTES ABOUT SEEING NEW PLACES

“Turn it off and on again.” – Moss

“I would like to contribute my heartfelt apologies in the event of my sudden and unexpected death.” – Moss

“I’m visually and creatively impaired.” – Moss

“People… what a bunch of bastards.” – Moss

“I don’t believe in ‘it’, but I don’t want to take any chances.” – Moss

“Well, if you will live in a desktop folder without enough ventilation…” – Moss

“I came here to find a parking space and I’m not leaving until I do.” – Moss

“I am disabled.” – Moss

“I’m declaring war on all humanity.” – Moss

“Ooohh, fire! Bleep bleep bleep!” – Moss