1) “I may not be able to see you or hold you, but you are forever in my heart, dear Mom.”

2) “Mom, your love and guidance continue to shape me even though you’re in heaven.”

3) “You may not physically be with us, but your spirit and love continue to surround us every day.”

4) “On this Mother’s Day, I lovingly remember the incredible woman you were and the legacy you left behind.”

5) “Though I can’t see your face, I feel your presence in every moment and every memory, dear Mom.”

6) “Sending my love to heaven, where you reside, on this special day meant for mothers like you.”

7) “Even though you’re no longer here, the bond we shared as mother and child will never fade.”

8) “Though heaven has gained an angel, I’ll forever cherish the moments we had together.”

9) “I am forever grateful for the love and guidance you showered me with, Mom. I miss you dearly.”

10) “Though my heart aches without you, I find comfort in knowing that you are at peace in heaven.”

11) “Your memory fills my heart with love, and your presence in heaven brings me strength.”

12) “Not a day goes by without thoughts of you, especially on this special day.”

13) “Mom, your love follows me wherever I go; even to the heavens above.” ENGLISH RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

14) “I carry your love in my heart always, knowing you’re watching over me from above.”

15) “In my heart, you remain eternally young and vibrant, just as you were in life.”

16) “Though heaven took you away from me, it can’t take away the cherished memories we shared.”

17) “Mom, your wings may have taken you to heaven, but you will always be my guardian angel.”

18) “Though I can no longer hold your hand, I feel your presence in every second of my life.”

19) “Your love continues to guide me, even though we are separated by heaven and earth.”

20) “Sending my love to heaven, wrapped in angels’ wings, for the best mom in heaven.”

21) “Though I can’t spend this day with you, I honor your memory and cherish every moment we had.”

22) “In heaven’s embrace, you continue to inspire and guide me, dear Mom.”

23) “On this Mother’s Day, I’ll remember you with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.”

24) “Mom, you may be gone, but your love lives on within me, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

25) “In heaven’s garden, you bloom eternally, and I am forever grateful to call you my Mom.”