“I am always right, and you should just listen to me.”

“I deserve to be treated like a king because I am superior to everyone else.”

“No one else can compare to me. I am the best there is.”

“Your needs and feelings are not as important as mine.”

“I am always the victim in this relationship.”

“You should be grateful for all that I do for you.”

“I don’t have to apologize because I never make mistakes.”

“You are lucky to have me in your life.”

“I know what’s best for you, so just do as I say.”

“I am the most attractive person in the room, and everyone should be captivated by me.”

“Your success is a reflection of my greatness.” HAPPY AND SAD DAY QUOTES

“I don’t care about your feelings, as long as I am happy.”

“I have the right to control every aspect of your life.”

“You are lucky to be with someone as successful as me.”

“I am the center of attention in every situation.”

“I deserve constant admiration and praise.”

“You should feel honored to be with me.”

“I am entitled to everything I desire.”

“You are nothing without me.”

“My needs come before anyone else’s, including yours.”