“I am superior to everyone else in every way.”

“I deserve special treatment because I am special.”

“I only associate with successful and impressive people.”

“Others are lucky to have me in their lives.”

“I am entitled to the best of everything.”

“I always come first, no matter what.”

“I manipulate others to get what I want.”

“I am never wrong, and others should always listen to me.”

“I never apologize because I am never at fault.”

“Others should admire and envy me.”

“I don’t care about the feelings of others, only my own.”

“I won’t tolerate anyone disagreeing with me.”

“I am the most intelligent person in any room.”

“Others exist to serve my needs and desires.” I CAN T WAIT TO MARRY YOU QUOTES

“I am always the center of attention.”

“I am the best at everything I do.”

“I am invincible and above any consequences.”

“I enjoy manipulating others for my own amusement.”

“I don’t care about anyone else’s problems but my own.”

“People should be grateful for any attention I give them.”

“I use others as stepping-stones to further my own success.”

“I am the most attractive person in any room.”

“I deserve only the finest things in life.”

“I am entitled to respect, even when I don’t show it to others.”

“I thrive on the power and control I have over others.”

“I am never satisfied, no matter how much I have.”