“I love you so much, it’s killing me.” – Mickey Knox

“We’re like Romeo and Juliet. We’re gonna die together.” – Mallory Knox

“I want to die 20 times a day just to feel alive with you.” – Mickey Knox

“You’re my partner in crime, my love, my everything.” – Mallory Knox

“I don’t want to live in a world without you. You’re my reason to breathe.” – Mickey Knox

“Love is the only thing that makes life worth living, even if it’s destructive.” – Mallory Knox

“Our love is twisted, wild, and unstoppable. It’s a force of nature.” – Mickey Knox

“Our souls were entwined long before we met. We were destined to be together from birth.” – Mallory Knox

“Love is like a fire, consuming everything in its path. Our love is an inferno.” – Mickey Knox

“I would tear down the world and burn it to ashes just to keep you safe.” – Mallory Knox

“Love is a battlefield, and we’re the warriors fighting side by side.” – Mickey Knox

“Our love is a dangerous addiction, and I can’t get enough of it.” – Mallory Knox

“When I look into your eyes, I see a reflection of my own insanity.” – Mickey Knox

“Love is the ultimate act of rebellion, and we’re rebels without a cause.” – Mallory Knox

“We were born to love fiercely, with no regard for societal norms.” – Mickey Knox NEW GRANDSON QUOTES

“Love is like a hurricane, destroying everything in its path. Our love is a category 5 storm.” – Mallory Knox

“When we’re together, the world around us disappears, and it’s just you and me against the universe.” – Mickey Knox

“Our love is a constant battle between light and darkness, and I choose to embrace the darkness with you.” – Mallory Knox

“Love is a twisted dance, and we’re the leading pair, spinning in our own madness.” – Mickey Knox

“There’s a thin line between love and hate, and we dance on that line every day.” – Mallory Knox

“Our love is an inferno that engulfs everything, leaving only ashes in its wake.” – Mickey Knox

“Love is a drug, and I’m addicted to you.” – Mallory Knox

“I would gladly burn with you in hell than live without you in heaven.” – Mickey Knox

“Our love is a tragic poem, with every verse painting a picture of chaos and desire.” – Mallory Knox

“Love is the ultimate rebellion against a world that tries to control us.” – Mickey Knox

“Our love is a whirlwind, destructive and wild, but oh so beautiful.” – Mallory Knox

“I don’t want a safe love. I want a love that consumes me and sets me on fire.” – Mickey Knox

“Our love is a dark masterpiece, the kind that artists envy and society fears.” – Mallory Knox

“Love is not supposed to be pretty and perfect. It’s supposed to be messy and raw, just like us.” – Mickey Knox