“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Night and Day

“It is far harder to kill a phantom than a reality.” Night and Day

“One cannot answer for his courage when he has never been in danger.” Night and Day

“For how could one express in words these emotions of the body? Expressions of words are like a tangle of eddies on the surface of a river, while the depths flow on invisibly.” Night and Day

“But to understand is hard—to recover the original letters—impossible.” Night and Day

“One passed so quickly from mood to mood; it was impossible to recover the mood of yesterday.” Night and Day

“To walk alone in London is the greatest rest.” Night and Day

“The exterminator of their little gleams of perfect happiness was always her own pride and vanity.” Night and Day

“Was she—thus body to body exposed to the gaze of a man whose gaze she disliked more than any man’s in the whole world?” Night and Day

“She grew more and more conscious of this exterior hardness which encased her.” Night and Day

“What had she immersed herself in? What had she terror and created? What did she despise?” Night and Day

“People rang for breakfasts, lay late in bed, and conversation sounded premature and opaque very different from the clear round voices to be heard talking across the lawns of Tostes parsonage, as old M. Homais read his profession of faith.” Night and Day

“Why did everything in this grown-up world seem to Fledgitt so overwhelmingly incomprehensible?” Night and Day

“To feel her body, always, always to have courage for that, was better than anything; and the enveloping darkness, the thin trees at the Barkel side, like trees in a Dutch painting, obscurely seemed to guard her in an embrace of great warmth.” Night and Day LDS DAUGHTER OF GOD QUOTES

“She had been condemned at the age of seventeen to a perpetual emptiness.” Night and Day

“Ideas had no substance in space.” Night and Day

“She hardly saw the cliffs; she saw Victorian ladies measured by the standards of their virtue.” Night and Day

“Her mother had been a Greek, evidently, and might have been about seventeen in body when she was near upon fifty in mind; so slow and stately were her movements.” Night and Day

“She was sitting talking to Richard, trying to understand completely, she knew that quite well, what the position was; when the maid, appearing suddenly in the doorway, announced Professor Manresa.” Night and Day

“He was genuinely sorry for her, she saw that at once; but the perception roused no emotions of gratitude, only a desire that he should leave her to go on alone.” Night and Day

“She had not meant that he should come in—not that her feelings were in the least what could be described as a jumble; but she had relied on his unphrased sympathy; on his male tenderness, never expressed.” Night and Day

“And yet she remembered him stooping to kiss her forehead in the garden at home on the day he sailed, and giving her, as he did so, a wrapped packet that looked as if it were tied with pink tape.” Night and Day

“If obstacles occurred she found herself drawing out from her pocket a small shabby leather of the name of Hewet, the silver clasps of which were bent outwards.” Night and Day

“Wearing blue goggles, of all colours, he directed his gaze very steadily upon the horizon.” Night and Day

“The darkness of his fate so filled his heart at the sight that he hated human beings.” Night and Day

“The roll of the Mediterranean broke below them in three waves of blue—light blue, dark blue, a single curling wave of foam.” Night and Day

“And the shadowy race that run like shuttles in and out of the looms.” Night and Day