“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” – Ralph Ellison

“The worst feeling is not being lonely, but being forgotten by someone you could never forget.” – Unknown

“Sometimes it feels like nobody sees me, like I’m just a shadow in this world.” – Unknown

“I walk alone, unnoticed, like a ghost in the crowd.” – Unknown

“No one sees my true self, hidden behind an invisible mask.” – Unknown

“I may be standing right in front of you, but you never truly see me.” – Unknown

“Inside my head, I scream for someone to notice, but on the outside, I remain silent.” – Unknown

“I’m like a puzzle you can’t solve, a riddle that baffles your mind.” – Unknown

“I’m like a forgotten book on a dusty shelf, waiting to be discovered.” – Unknown

“They say I’m quiet, but they don’t know the storm that rages within me.” – Unknown

“I’m not a background character; I’m a main character in my own story.” – Unknown

“In a world of so many faces, mine seems to blend into the background.” – Unknown

“I am more than just a name; I am a collection of thoughts and emotions.” – Unknown

“Behind my smile, there hides a world that no one bothers to explore.” – Unknown

“I’ve learned to walk alone because no one seems to walk beside me.” – Unknown

“In solitude, I find solace, for there I am truly myself.” – Unknown FUNNY QUOTES ABOUT JOB HUNTING

“If only people could see beneath the surface, they would see the real me.” – Unknown

“Being invisible is both a blessing and a curse; I don’t know which is worse.” – Unknown

“I am an enigma, misunderstood by those who never took the time to unravel me.” – Unknown

“I am but a whisper in this noisy world, easily lost among the chaos.” – Unknown

“No one recognizes me because I’ve become a master of disguise within myself.” – Unknown

“Behind my ordinary appearance lies an extraordinary mind and heart.” – Unknown

“I may blend into the background, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice.” – Unknown

“I crave connection, but I often go unnoticed in a sea of faces.” – Unknown

“My existence may go unnoticed, but it doesn’t diminish my worth.” – Unknown

“Being unseen gives me the freedom to be who I truly am.” – Unknown

“I’d rather be unseen and genuine than seen and fake.” – Unknown

“In a world that praises visibility, I find solace in my invisibility.” – Unknown

“I may be a nobody to the world, but I’m somebody to myself.” – Unknown

“No one recognizes me, but I recognize the importance of my own existence.” – Unknown