“Your life is worth more than a cigarette.”

“Don’t let cigarettes control your destiny.”

“Smoking: a choice today, a regret tomorrow.”

“Be stronger than your cravings, say no to smoking.”

“Choosing to quit smoking is choosing to live.”

“Smoke-free is the new healthy and happy.”

“When you quit smoking, you reclaim your freedom.”

“Choose health over addiction, choose to quit smoking.”

“You can’t reach your full potential with a cigarette in hand.”

“The best time to quit smoking was yesterday, the second best time is now.”

“You are stronger than any cigarette.”

“Smoking doesn’t make you cool, quitting does.”

“Don’t smoke your dreams away, chase them instead.” FUNNY QUOTES ABOUT PRIESTS

“Your lungs are meant for breathing, not for ashes.”

“Giving up smoking is the first step to taking control of your life.”

“Quitting smoking is a sign of true strength.”

“You don’t need cigarettes to relax, it’s just an illusion.”

“Every cigarette you don’t smoke, you’ve saved a life.”

“Smoking won’t solve your problems, it’ll just create more.”

“Breaking free from nicotine’s grasp is the ultimate liberation.”

“Quitting smoking is the best gift you can give to yourself.”

“Your body deserves better than the poison of cigarettes.”

“You have the power to change your life, starting with quitting smoking.”

“If you think quitting smoking is hard, think about the life-long struggle of addiction.”

“Smoking may feel good in the moment, but quitting feels even better.”