“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.” – Joan Crawford

“A relationship without passion may be comfortable, but it will never set your soul on fire.” – Unknown

“The spark in a relationship ignites the flame of love, keeping it alive and burning bright.” – Unknown

“A lack of spark in a relationship is like a dull sky devoid of stars; it loses its magic and allure.” – Unknown

“When the spark fades away, the relationship becomes a mere arrangement.” – Unknown

“A relationship without chemistry is like a meal without spices; it lacks flavor and excitement.” – Unknown

“A love that lacks fire may keep you warm, but it will never ignite your soul.” – Unknown

“In every relationship, there needs to be a constant effort to maintain the spark that initially brought you together.” – Unknown

“When the spark of passion vanishes, a relationship loses its charm and becomes routine.” – Unknown

“Sparks may fly in the beginning, but it takes effort to keep the fire alive.” – Unknown

“A relationship without spark is like a flower without fragrance; it becomes dull and lifeless.” – Unknown

“The spark in a relationship is what transforms two individuals into soulmates.” – Unknown

“True love ignites a spark that can conquer any obstacle in the path of a relationship.” – Unknown

“When the spark diminishes, a relationship loses its magical glow.” – Unknown

“A relationship without spark is like a song without a melody; it lacks the beauty that touches hearts.” – Unknown MOTHER HUSTLE QUOTES

“Love without passion is like a plant without water; it withers away and dies.” – Unknown

“A relationship without sparks cannot withstand the tests of time.” – Unknown

“True love is built on sparks that never fade, even when the flames flicker.” – Unknown

“Without spark, a relationship becomes a candle blown out by the slightest breeze.” – Unknown

“A love that lacks spark is like a river without its current; it stagnates and loses its vitality.” – Unknown

“The spark in a relationship is what makes it worth fighting for, even in the darkest of times.” – Unknown

“When the spark dwindles, a relationship becomes a dark sky without any shooting stars.” – Unknown

“Passion is the lifeblood of a relationship, and a lack thereof leaves it on life support.” – Unknown

“A relationship without spark is like a bird without wings; it cannot soar and reach new heights.” – Unknown

“The spark in a relationship is what keeps the romance alive and the flame burning bright.” – Unknown

“Love needs sparks to thrive, just like fire needs oxygen to survive.” – Unknown

“A relationship devoid of spark is like a book without words; it loses its ability to captivate.” – Unknown

“When the spark in a relationship fades, it is up to the individuals involved to rekindle it or let it go.” – Unknown