“In the land of loud talkers, the silent ones are often the wisest.”

“A noisy person is like a broken record, repeating the same tune over and over again.”

“Silence is the language of the wise, while noise is the language of the foolish.”

“I’d rather hear the whispers of nature than the shouts of a noisy person.”

“A noisy person may grab attention, but a quiet one earns respect.”

“Noise fills the air, but empties the soul.”

“When you speak softly, your words have a greater impact than the loudest noise.”

“A noisy person drowns in their own cacophony.”

“The sound of silence is more powerful than the voice of a noisy person.”

“A noisy person often shouts to silence their own insecurities.”

“In a room full of noisy people, the one who speaks softly is the one truly worth listening to.”

“A noisy person seeks attention; a quiet one waits for it to come naturally.” THANKFUL LOVE QUOTES

“Silence is golden, but noise is just cheap brass.”

“A noisy person talks a lot, but a wise one speaks with purpose.”

“The value of your words decreases when you speak too much. Silence is where true meaning lies.”

“Noise is an empty vessel, but silence is a timeless melody.”

“A noisy person may be heard, but a quiet person is truly listened to.”

“The sound of nature can heal the soul, while the noise of a person can distract from it.”

“Words spoken softly touch the heart, while noise only scratches the surface.”

“Noise is the companion of chaos, while silence is the companion of peace.”

“A noisy person may seek attention, but a wise one seeks understanding.”

“In a world full of noise, finding silence becomes a precious gift.”

“A noisy person fills the room with volume, but a quiet person fills it with meaning.”