“Oft ne bít se þám þe his líf wyrðe byð, ac se þe mæg gódne staðolfæstan rád mid rihte rædan.”

( Often it does not go well for one who is deserving of his life, but he who can give good and stable advice with justice should govern.)

“Wísdóm cymeð æthéode, and on láðseóst full well þúh mæðe ongewealdes.”

( Wisdom comes through experience, and through the bitter struggle, one gains power.)

“Beó þú wís on sunnandæges longsumum tidum, and forléta þæt yfel, þæt heó ne cume inn.”

( Be wise in the long hours of Sunday, and avoid that evil which it brings.)

“Wís man sceamige yfel ðeóstra.”

( A wise man shames the evil of darkness.)

“Þá gódan word, þeóstra fæc hyscare, lást of wísan mannum, fremman sceolon. ( The good words, during the darkest times, should be put into practice following the footsteps of wise men.)

“Héora wísdom ymbe græstácenum þiówde.”

( Their wisdom echoed through the grassy paths.)

“Wísdom hine beág oft on eorðan.”

( Wisdom often bows down to the earth.)

“Beó wís on sóðre geþóht.”

( Be wise in true thinking.)

“Swá wís swá bealu byð.”

( As wise as sorrow can be.) TIME INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES

“Hé ðám welegum gehýrde and hé ðæt wămful ástóp.”

( He listened to the wealthy and he stepped onto the harmful path.)

“Beware the advice of fools, for they seek only to lead astray.”

“Knowledge alone is not wisdom; it is the application of knowledge that brings wisdom.”

“Better to be intelligent and speak not, than to be foolish and speak often.”

“Wisdom is not learned in a day, but through a lifetime of experiences.”

“A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, while a fool learns only from his own.”

“True wisdom lies in admitting what you don’t know and seeking knowledge.”

“The wise know the difference between knowledge and wisdom: knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

“Wisdom is not found in possessions, but in the contentment of the soul.”

“To be truly wise, one must first learn to control their own desires and impulses.”

“The wisest man is he who knows he knows nothing.”

“The greatest wisdom is in knowing when to speak and when to remain silent.”

“Wisdom is not measured by age but by the ability to see beyond appearances.”

“Wisdom is the light that guides a person through the darkness of ignorance.”

“It is the wise who understand that true riches lie in the virtues of the heart, not in material possessions.”