“I only eat Oreos on days that end in ‘Y.'”

“There’s no ‘we’ in Oreos. Oh wait, actually there is!”

“When life gives you Oreos, eat them!”

“I’m sorry for what I said when I was still waiting for my Oreo to finish dipping in milk.”

“I’m not addicted to Oreos, I just have a strong ‘stay-fresh’ agreement with them.”

“My philosophy in life is that if it doesn’t have Oreos, it’s not worth it.”

“Oreos are like little drops of happiness with cream in between.”

“Oops, the package said ‘open here’ and suddenly all the Oreos were gone… strange.”

“Oreos make everything better. That’s a scientific fact.”

“Be the Oreo in a world full of plain crackers!”

“Oreos understand me more than most people do.”

“Is it just me, or do Oreos taste even better when you’re supposed to be on a diet?”

“No matter how many Oreos I eat, my love for them never crumbles.” PREGNANCY QUOTES AND SAYINGS

“Did you know that Oreos are the best cure for a bad day? Trust me, it’s been thoroughly researched.”

“If life gives you crumbs, make Oreo milkshake!”

“I believe in miracles, especially when it comes to getting the last Oreo in the package.”

“I plan on growing older, but never growing out of Oreos.”

“Sometimes the best therapy is a tub of ice cream and a pack of Oreos.”

“Oreos are like a delicious secret that everyone knows about.”

“If you’re feeling down, just imagine a world where Oreos are free. Instant happiness!”

“I don’t need a knight in shining armor, just someone who can open my stubborn Oreo package.”

“Excuse me while I have a moment with my Oreos.”

“Oreos: Because every beautiful relationship starts with a yummy middle.”

“You had me at Oreo.”

“In a world full of cookies, be an Oreo.”