“Phones are great, but they can be relationship killers if you let them take control.” – Unknown

“Phones have brought us closer to people who are far away, but they have taken us further away from the ones sitting right next to us.” – Unknown

“Relationships thrive on communication, but phones can suffocate it.” – Unknown

“Don’t let technology replace the warmth of a real conversation.” – Unknown

“Put the phone down and give your relationship the attention it deserves.” – Unknown

“Phones may connect us to the world, but they can disconnect us from the person sitting beside us.” – Unknown

“You can’t build a strong relationship if your phone is constantly in your hand.” – Unknown

“In a world full of distractions, choose presence in your relationships.” – Unknown

“Phones may keep us connected, but they can also keep us disconnected from the present moment.” – Unknown

“Don’t let your phone dictate the quality of your relationship.” – Unknown

“Phones may be smart, but they can make us dumb when it comes to relationships.” – Unknown

“The best conversations happen when you put your phone away.” – Unknown WHO GOD BLESS QUOTES

“Phones can make it difficult to fully engage in a relationship.” – Unknown

“Technology should enhance our relationships, not replace them.” – Unknown

“A phone can be a great tool, but it should never be a barrier in a relationship.” – Unknown

“Give your undivided attention to the person in front of you, not your phone.” – Unknown

“Don’t let your phone become a third person in your relationship.” – Unknown

“Make eye contact, not screen contact in your relationships.” – Unknown

“Phones may provide instant gratification, but they can’t replace the depth of a true connection.” – Unknown

“Love is meant to be felt, not texted.” – Unknown

“Don’t only text ‘I love you,’ show it in person.” – Unknown

“Phones can create distance even when you’re physically close.” – Unknown

“Put the phone down and prioritize the person you’re with; relationships are about making memories, not just scrolling through them.” – Unknown