“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.” – Valerie Bertinelli

“Positivity is a choice. It’s not a destination, it’s a daily decision.” – Unknown

“You have the power to choose happiness. Life can be tough, but you can always choose to find the silver lining and be positive.” – Karen Salmansohn

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” – Herm Albright

“Positivity is a choice, and I choose to focus on the good.” – Unknown

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” – Dalai Lama

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Francesca Reigler

“You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” – Unknown

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” – Jim Rohn

“Life is too short to spend it trying to convince someone to love you the way you love them.” – Karen Salmansohn BHAGAVAD GITA QUOTES ON FAMILY

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” – Unknown

“You are in control of your happiness. It’s not something that’s given to you; it’s something you choose.” – Unknown

“Focus on the good and the good will multiply.” – Unknown

“In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” – Roy T. Bennett

“Positivity is a choice that becomes a lifestyle.” – Unknown

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey

“Choose to be optimistic. It feels better.” – Dalai Lama

“You cannot always control circumstances, but you can control your own thoughts.” – Charles F. Glassman

“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” – Mary Lou Retton