“Innocence is bliss. It’s a cloud that floats above us until the world leaves its fingerprints upon us.” – Unknown

“The innocence of childhood is like the purity of a dewdrop on a petal, untouched by the world’s troubles.” – Unknown

“Innocence is not ignorance, but rather the beautiful state of not yet knowing the ugliness of the world.” – Unknown

“Innocence is fragile, like a delicate flower that wilts in the face of harsh reality.” – Unknown

“The innocence of a child is like a precious jewel that must be cherished and protected.” – Unknown

“Lost innocence is like a broken mirror, its shards reflecting the pain of experience.” – Unknown

“To be innocent is to be unburdened by guilt and untouched by corruption.” – Unknown

“Innocence is that precious gift that we all possess at the dawn of life.” – Unknown

“Innocence is pure like a fresh snowfall, untainted by the footprints of the world.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a sanctuary that shields us from the harsh realities of life.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a gentle beast that slowly fades away as we grow older and wiser.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a delicate rosebud that opens its petals to the wonders of the world.” – Unknown

“Innocence is not weakness, but rather a strength that sees the beauty in everything.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a flame that burns bright until extinguished by the winds of experience.” – Unknown 2ND ANNIVERSARY QUOTES FOR FRIENDS

“Innocence is a state of mind, a childlike wonder that keeps the world colorful.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a star that shines in the darkness, guiding us towards hope and goodness.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a treasure that once lost, can never be fully regained.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a fragile bird that sings the sweetest songs before it knows the dangers of the world.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a butterfly that dances in the fields of our imagination.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a gentle breeze that whispers the secrets of the universe to those who listen.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the light that illuminates our path, reminding us of the beauty in even the darkest corners.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a ribbon that ties our hearts together, reminding us of our shared humanity.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the key that unlocks the door to joy and happiness.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a shield that guards us from the arrows of cynicism.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a lullaby that sings us to sleep, comforting us in a world of chaos.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the seed from which empathy and compassion grow.” – Unknown