“A liar is not only dishonest, but they are also a thief. They steal the truth from those who trust them.” – Unknown

“Better to be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.” – Khaled Hosseini

“A liar will always be a liar, no matter how many times they apologize.” – Unknown

“A true friend doesn’t lie, deceive, or betray you. If they do, they were never a friend to begin with.” – Unknown

“Trust is built with honesty, and once someone proves to be a liar, that trust is forever broken.” – Unknown

“A liar’s friend is also their victim, for they are manipulated by their deceit.” – Unknown

“A liar may deceive others, but they will never be able to deceive themselves.” – Unknown

“A liar plants the seeds of mistrust, causing their friendships to wither and die.” – Unknown

“A liar’s actions speak louder than their words.” – Unknown

“A friend who lies to you is not worth keeping as a friend.” – Unknown

“A person who lies to their friends shows a lack of respect and integrity.” – Unknown

“Lies have a way of catching up with the liar, leaving a trail of broken relationships in their wake.” – Unknown

“A liar’s web of deceit will eventually unravel, exposing their true nature to those around them.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT DISHONESTY IN FRIENDSHIP

“A liar may fool others, but they can never fool themselves. They know deep down the truth they hide.” – Unknown

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Once broken by a liar, it may never be fully restored.” – Unknown

“A person who habitually lies will lose the respect and trust of their friends.” – Unknown

“A liar may seem charming and charismatic, but their true colors will always shine through.” – Unknown

“Once you catch someone in a lie, it’s hard to trust anything they say in the future.” – Unknown

“Lies are like quicksand – the more you lie, the deeper you sink.” – Unknown

“A liar may think they are getting away with their lies, but the truth always has a way of coming to light.” – Unknown

“A liar lacks the strength and character to face the truth and instead chooses to deceive others.” – Unknown

“A liar may fool the world, but they can’t fool themselves.” – Unknown

“A true friend would never betray your trust by lying to you.” – Unknown

“Lying destroys trust, and without trust, there can be no true friendship.” – Unknown

“A liar may be convincing, but the truth will always prevail.” – Unknown