“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.” – Joan Crawford

“Love is like a game of chess: one wrong move and you’re left vulnerable.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, it is easier to lose yourself in love than to find yourself again.” – Unknown

“Love can make even the wisest person act like a fool.” – William Shakespeare

“Being careless in love is like playing with fire; you’ll eventually get burned.” – Unknown

“When we are careless with love, we gamble with our hearts.” – Unknown

“Love may be blind, but that doesn’t mean it should be careless.” – Unknown

“Don’t be careless with someone’s heart; you may end up breaking your own.” – Unknown

“When you’re careless in love, you’re not only hurting yourself but also the person who loves you.” – Unknown

“Carelessness in love drains the beauty out of a once blooming relationship.” – Unknown

“Love should be handled delicately; it’s a precious gift that can easily be shattered by carelessness.” – Unknown

“Carelessness in love is like pouring water into a sinking ship; it only accelerates the sinking process.” – Unknown

“Love is an art; it requires careful attention and nurturing. Being careless is like destroying a masterpiece.” – Unknown

“Don’t let your carelessness lead you to regret in matters of the heart.” – Unknown

“Carelessness in love can leave behind scars that never fully heal.” – Unknown

“When you’re careless with love, you’re playing with someone else’s heart; remember that hearts are fragile.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT LOVE BEING A PRIORITY

“Being careless in love is like tossing a diamond into the wind; you’ll never see it again.” – Unknown

“Love should never be treated as an afterthought; it deserves careful consideration and respect.” – Unknown

“Careless love can be like a poison, slowly infiltrating and destroying everything in its path.” – Unknown

“Being careless in love is a betrayal to the love that was entrusted to you.” – Unknown

“Love requires responsibility, and carelessness is the enemy of responsibility.” – Unknown

“Cherish the love you find, for carelessness can quickly extinguish its flame.” – Unknown

“Love is a fragile flower that can easily be crushed by carelessness.” – Unknown

“Carelessness in love is like a tornado, leaving destruction in its wake.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the excitement of love blind you to your responsibilities; be mindful and avoid carelessness.” – Unknown

“Being careless in love is taking for granted what should be cherished.” – Unknown

“A careless heart is an unfeeling heart.” – Unknown

“Love is a dance; carelessness can lead to stepping on toes and causing pain.” – Unknown

“When you’re careless in love, you become a walking tragedy waiting to happen.” – Unknown

“Love should be the balance between passion and responsibility; carelessness disrupts that balance.” – Unknown