“Euthanasia is not about the right to die, but about the right to kill.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person.” – Pope John Paul II

“Euthanasia is a way of avoiding the difficult questions about life and death by simply ending the suffering.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is an expression of despair and a failure to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every human life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia gives the message that some lives are not worth living, leading to a culture of death.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a slippery slope, once we start allowing it for some cases, it opens the door for abuse and expanding the criteria.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia would undermine the fundamental principle of medical ethics – to do no harm.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia should never be seen as the solution to suffering, but rather compassion and quality palliative care.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a betrayal of our duty to care for the vulnerable, and an abandonment of our moral obligation to protect life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a denial of the sanctity of life and a rejection of the inherent value and worth of every individual.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia violates the inherent dignity of every human person and treats them as disposable.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia devalues the preciousness and uniqueness of every human life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia undermines the importance of compassion and finding ways to alleviate suffering without resorting to killing.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a sign of a society that has lost its respect for the value and sacredness of life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a false solution to the complex and multifaceted issues surrounding the end of life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia erodes the trust between doctors and their patients, as it blurs the line between healing and killing.” – Unknown MISSING A FRIEND IN HEAVEN QUOTES

“Euthanasia dismisses the possibility of finding meaning and purpose in suffering, and denies the potential for growth and transformation.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia promotes the idea that humans can determine when life is no longer worth living, which is a dangerous assumption.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia diminishes the value of human life and degrades our humanity.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia turns the focus from preserving life to ending life, and undermines the concept of medical care as a healing profession.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, which emphasizes the preservation of life above all else.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia disregards the potential for miracles and unexpected turnarounds in the face of suffering.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia deprives individuals of the opportunity to reconcile with their loved ones and find closure in their final moments.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia denies the possibility of finding comfort and peace in the midst of pain and suffering.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia overlooks the potential for spiritual growth and transformation in the face of adversity.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia dismisses the importance of palliative care in providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support to those facing the end of life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia sends the message that we can control and manipulate the timing and manner of death, rather than accepting it as a natural part of life.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia shows a lack of respect for the inherent dignity and worth of every human being, regardless of their circumstances.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia denies the existence of a greater purpose and meaning in the experience of suffering.” – Unknown

“Euthanasia undermines the value of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.” – Unknown