“Our flag is not just cloth and ink. It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty, and freedom.” – John Thune

“Flag Day is a day to honor the American flag, which represents the ideals and values of our nation.” – Jim Renacci

“Flag Day reminds us of the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform, who defend the flag and our freedom every day.” – Ted Poe

“The American flag represents the unity, perseverance, and resilience of our great nation.” – John Boozman

“Flag Day is a celebration of patriotism, reminding us to be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.” – Cathy McMorris Rodgers

“The flag is the symbol of our national unity, which, transcending all differences, binds us together as one people.” – Claiborne Pell

“Flag Day is a day to reflect on the importance of the flag and the values it represents – freedom, justice, and equality for all.” – Eric Swalwell

“Every time we see the American flag, let it remind us of the sacrifices made by those who fought to protect our freedoms.” – Brad Wenstrup

“The flag is not just a piece of cloth, but a symbol that represents the hopes and dreams of generations of Americans.” – Richard Shelby

“Flag Day reminds us that our flag is more than a decoration; it is a symbol of unity and a source of inspiration for all Americans.” – Mike Lee

“Our flag represents the hope and promise of America, a shining beacon of freedom for all the world to see.” – James Lankford THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME HAPPY QUOTES

“Flag Day is a time to honor the men and women who have proudly served under the flag, defending our way of life.” – Tim Scott

“The flag is a symbol of our nation’s history, our shared values, and the ideals that make America great.” – John Hoeven

“Flag Day is a reminder of the sacrifices made by our armed forces and their families, who protect our flag and our freedom.” – Glenn Thompson

“Our flag is a reminder of the ideals upon which our nation was founded – liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness.” – Rob Portman

“Flag Day is a time to reflect on the principles and values that our flag represents – freedom, democracy, and equality.” – Scott Perry

“The American flag stands as a symbol of the strength and resilience of our nation, even in times of adversity.” – Tom Reed

“Flag Day is a day to remember the significance of our flag and the importance of civic duty to protect and preserve our nation.” – Andy Harris

“Our flag represents the rich tapestry of our nation, with its diverse cultures, experiences, and aspirations.” – Doug Lamborn

“Flag Day serves as a reminder of the values we hold dear as Americans – freedom, democracy, and justice for all.” – Brian Mast

“Let us never forget the power of our flag, standing as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to the principles that define America.” – Joe Courtney