“In true friendship, silence is never awkward.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, friends get mad at each other for silly reasons, but they always find a way back to each other because their bond is stronger than their anger.” – Unknown

“True friends don’t let petty arguments ruin their friendship.” – Unknown

“A true friend may get mad at you momentarily, but they will never let it consume their heart for long.” – Unknown

“Friendship isn’t about always being in agreement, it’s about understanding and accepting each other’s differences.” – Unknown

“A strong friendship can withstand the storms of anger and resentment.” – Unknown

“Not every disagreement leads to enmity; sometimes, it strengthens the foundation of a relationship.” – Unknown

“Anger between friends is often a sign of deep care and concern.” – Unknown

“Friends who can get mad at each other have a higher chance of growing together.” – Unknown

“A small dispute can never break the bond two true friends share.” – Unknown

“True friends may have disagreements, but their love and understanding always prevail.” – Unknown

“Arguments among friends may be fiery, but they rarely leave lasting scars.” – Unknown

“Friendship is having the freedom to be mad at each other without fearing the loss of love.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, friends just need space to cool off, but that doesn’t mean their friendship is over.” – Unknown HEAVY IS THE HEART QUOTE

“True friends forgive each other, even when there isn’t an apology.” – Unknown

“When a friend is mad at you, give them time and let them come back when they’re ready.” – Unknown

“Only true friends can get mad at each other one moment and forget it all the next.” – Unknown

“Arguments between friends are like temporary thunderstorms; they pass, revealing a stronger and fresher bond.” – Unknown

“Friendship is understanding that sometimes, anger is just a temporary storm that will soon fade away.” – Unknown

“It’s okay to be mad at a friend; it’s a sign that you value the relationship enough to care.” – Unknown

“Anger can’t hold a candle to the depth of love and understanding between true friends.” – Unknown

“In friendship, anger is just a passing cloud, while love is the endless sky.” – Unknown

“Friendship is being mature enough to look beyond momentary anger and appreciate the bond.” – Unknown

“Friends who weather storms of anger together become stronger and more appreciative of each other.” – Unknown

“Anger and misunderstanding have no place in true friendship.” – Unknown

“True friends know that anger is just a temporary glitch in the beautiful tapestry of their bond.” – Unknown

“When a friendship withstands moments of anger, it becomes unbreakable.” – Unknown