“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” – Unknown

“Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of power.” – James Madison

“Sometimes, good intentions are not enough.” – Paulo Coelho

“Good intentions often lead to unintended consequences.” – Milton Friedman

“Never underestimate the destructive power of good intentions.” – Karl Popper

“When good intentions clash with reality, chaos ensues.” – Unknown

“Good intentions can blind us to the negative impact of our actions.” – Unknown

“Good intentions cannot excuse the harmful outcomes of our actions.” – Unknown

“Sincerity alone does not make good intentions right.” – Unknown

“Good intentions without proper planning can lead to disaster.” – Unknown

“We must be mindful of the potential harm our good intentions can cause.” – Unknown OWN FEELINGS QUOTES

“The best of intentions can be futile if not executed well.” – Unknown

“Good intentions can pave the way to unintended consequences.” – Unknown

“Not all good intentions end in good outcomes.” – Unknown

“Good intentions are meaningless without the right actions.” – Unknown

“Even the best intentions can be interpreted negatively.” – Unknown

“Good intentions are only valuable if they lead to positive results.” – Unknown

“Intentions alone cannot repair the damage caused by misguided actions.” – Unknown

“Good intentions are not enough to absolve us from the consequences of our actions.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, the most harmful actions stem from the purest of intentions.” – Unknown