“Gullibility is the gate through which discernment leaves.” – Russell Kyle

“A gullible person believes everything, while a wise person questions everything.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the enemy of reason.” – Jeremy Taylor

“Gullibility is the breeding ground for deception.” – Unknown

“A gullible mind is easily swayed by manipulation.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is a vulnerability that opportunists exploit.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the fertilizer for scams and frauds.” – Unknown

“Gullibility blinds us to the truth and opens the door to deception.” – Unknown

“Those who lack discernment often fall victim to their own gullibility.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the mark of a naive mind.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the Achilles’ heel of critical thinking.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is like a cloud that obscures reality.” – Unknown PROTECT MY SISTER QUOTES

“Gullibility is a liability in an information-driven world.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the byproduct of ignorance and apathy.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the twin sister of ignorance.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the easy path to being misled.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the playground of con artists.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the enemy of self-preservation.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the precursor to regret.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is a default setting in a world full of falsehoods.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is the seed from which hoaxes grow.” – Unknown

“Gullibility is a weakness that can be strengthened through critical thinking.” – Unknown