“Dr. Jekyll was quite at ease. A boundless energy surged through me, and I took pleasure in all the little things I had ignored as Dr. Jekyll.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

“Hyde was like a shadow, lurking in the darkest corners of my soul.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the embodiment of my deepest, darkest desires, a reflection of the darkest parts of my own nature.” – Unknown

“Hyde was a creature of pure instinct, untamed and without conscience.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the dark alter ego that I couldn’t control, the beast within me that had no regard for morality or consequences.” – Unknown

“Hyde was a living paradox, a testament to the duality of human nature.” – Unknown

“Hyde was a tortured soul, forever caught between the light and the darkness.” – Unknown

“Hyde represented the unbridled Id, the primal force that lurks beneath the surface of every human being.” – Unknown

“Hyde was my own personal demon, a constant reminder of the depths of my own depravity.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the personification of evil, a twisted reflection of my own inner demons.” – Unknown

“Hyde was like a drug, an addictive rush that I couldn’t resist, no matter how much I tried.” – Unknown TAYLOR SWIFT QUOTES ABOUT FAMILY

“Hyde was the manifestation of my hidden desires, a release from the constraints of society.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the embodiment of everything I feared and desired all at once.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the dark side of my own soul, a mirror image of my own darkest thoughts and impulses.” – Unknown

“Hyde was a force of nature, an unstoppable hurricane of rage and violence.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the embodiment of chaos, a disruptor of social norms and conventions.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the personification of my own self-destructive tendencies, a constant reminder of the consequences of giving in to temptation.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the devil on my shoulder, whispering wicked temptations into my ear.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the monster within me, awakened and unleashed by my own scientific experiment.” – Unknown

“Hyde was the darkness that lurked within all of us, waiting to be unleashed.” – Unknown