“True friends are those who are sensitive enough to understand your emotions and considerate enough to never hurt them.” – Unknown

“An insensitive friend can unintentionally cause more pain than an enemy.” – Unknown

“Surround yourself with friends who have the ability to understand your sensitivity, not exploit it.” – Unknown

“Friendship should be an oasis, not a battleground. Insensitive friends can turn it into the latter.” – Unknown

“It’s better to have a few sensitive and understanding friends than a bunch of insensitive ones.” – Unknown

“True friends don’t make insensitive remarks at your expense, they lift you up when you’re down.” – Unknown

“Sensitive souls need friends who know how to handle their feelings with care, not friends who trample on them.” – Unknown

“Insensitivity is the poison that slowly kills the bond of friendship.” – Unknown

“An insensitive friend may not realize the impact of their words, but they have a lasting effect on your heart.” – Unknown

“Distance yourself from friends who constantly display insensitivity, for they may not deserve a place in your life.” – Unknown

“Sensitive people need friends who can provide comfort, not further distress.” – Unknown

“Insensitive friends can never truly understand the depth of your struggles and pain.” – Unknown INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ABOUT MAKING A WAY

“Friendship should be a safe space where you don’t have to brace yourself for an insensitive comment.” – Unknown

“Insensitive friends often have a way of making your problems seem insignificant.” – Unknown

“Surround yourself with friends who have a gentle touch, for insensitivity can leave a lasting scar.” – Unknown

“Being friends with someone who lacks empathy can be emotionally draining and damaging.” – Unknown

“Sensitive friends are like a balm for the soul; they heal the wounds that insensitive friends inflict.” – Unknown

“Friendship is meant to uplift, inspire, and bring comfort, not to tear down with insensitive remarks.” – Unknown

“Insensitive friends may apologize, but the damage they cause still lingers in your heart.” – Unknown

“Choose friends who handle your sensitivity with care, for they are the ones who truly cherish your presence.” – Unknown

“An insensitive friend can never truly understand the depth of your feelings, no matter how hard you try to explain.” – Unknown

“True friends have the ability to be sensitive and understanding, even in the face of disagreements.” – Unknown

“Insensitive friends may laugh at your flaws, but true friends help you embrace them.” – Unknown