“Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana.” – Kishore Kumar

“Life is like a journey, no one knows what will happen tomorrow.”

“Zindagi lamho ka silsila hai, har lamha hamein jeene ka nazaria deta hai.” – Unknown

“Life is a series of moments, each moment gives us a perspective to live.”

“Zindagi har pal anmol hai, ise samjho aur savarna mat, isko jiyo aur khona mat.” – Unknown

“Life is precious every moment, understand it and don’t try to change it, live it and don’t lose it.”

“Zindagi mein musibatein aur khushiyan dono zaruri hai, dono aate jaate rahein hai.” – Unknown

“Difficulties and happiness are both necessary in life, both come and go.”

“Zindagi bina liye adhoori hai, usko pura kar ke hi khushiyan milti hai.” – Unknown

“Life is incomplete without taking risks, only by fulfilling it you can achieve happiness.”

“Zindagi mein har mushkil ka hal hai, bas humko use dhundhna padta hai.” – Unknown

“Life has a solution to every problem, we just have to find it.”

“Zindagi ek khwab hai, har roz naya khwab dekho aur usko pura karne ki koshish karo.” – Unknown

“Life is a dream, every day see a new dream and strive to fulfill it.” QUOTES ABOUT HUSBAND AND WIFE FIGHTING

“Zindagi mein patience se kaam lo, har cheez apne samay par hoti hai.” – Unknown

“Work with patience in life, everything happens in its own time.”

“Zindagi mein kabhi haar na manna, koshish karne walon ki kabhi mahar nahi hoti.” – Unknown

“Never give up in life, those who try never lose.”

“Zindagi ka asal maksad khud ko khush rakhna hai, dusre khush to khud bhi khush rahega.” – Unknown

“The real purpose of life is to keep yourself happy, only then others will also be happy.”

“Zindagi ki khushiyan chote-chote lamho mein chhupi hoti hai, use khojna sikhna hai.” – Unknown

“The joys of life are hidden in small moments, learn to find them.”

“Zindagi mein expectations kam rakho, zyada khushiyon ki ummed se zyada dukh hi hota hai.” – Unknown

“Keep low expectations in life, expectation of more happiness leads to more sorrows.”

“Zindagi ek chunauti hai, usse apne dum par paar ho jana zaruri hai.” – Unknown

“Life is a challenge, it is necessary to overcome it with your own strength.”