“A true friend is someone who knows all your faults and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard

“A friendship built on lies will always crumble.”

“Betraying a friend’s trust is the ultimate act of deception.”

“Lies may seem convenient, but the truth will always set you free.”

“Honesty is the foundation of any strong and lasting friendship.”

“Lying to a friend is like poisoning a well of trust.”

“A best friend deserves nothing but the truth, even when it’s difficult to share.”

“Lies may tell a temporary story, but the truth holds the power to heal.”

“Lying erodes the authenticity of a friendship.”

“A true friend will forgive, but a web of lies can strain even the strongest bond.”

“Lying to your best friend is a betrayal of their trust and love.”

“A lie may save you momentarily, but it will cost you a friend in the long run.”

“It’s better to face the consequences of honesty than to lose a friend through lies.”

“A friendship based on lies is built on a shaky foundation.” WHEN YOU FEEL NOT GOOD ENOUGH QUOTES

“Honesty is the key to maintaining a strong, authentic friendship.”

“A best friend deserves the truth, no matter how painful it may be.”

“A deceitful friendship is a losing battle for both parties involved.”

“It’s better to lose a friend with honesty than to keep them through deceit.”

“Lies can damage a friendship beyond repair.”

“A true friend will never ask you to lie for them.”

“A best friend is someone who you can trust with your most vulnerable truths.”

“The bond of friendship is strongest when built upon mutual trust and honesty.”

“Lies can poison a friendship, while truth has the power to heal.”

“Lying to your best friend is betraying the essence of true friendship.”

“Being honest with your best friend is a sign of respect and love.”

“A lie may seem convenient, but it can never replace the value of an honest friendship.”