“A nosy person is like a mosquito; irritating and always buzzing around.” – Unknown

“Nosy people create drama where there is none.” – Unknown

“A nosy person knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde

“Never trust a nosy person, for they will always stir up trouble.” – Unknown

“Nosy people are experts at finding problems, but they seldom provide solutions.” – Unknown

“Nosy people are like detectives, always searching for someone else’s secrets.” – Unknown

“A nosy person will always find a way to invade your privacy.” – Unknown

“Nosy people ask questions not out of genuine interest, but to satisfy their own curiosity.” – Unknown

“Nosy people are like empty vessels; always seeking to fill their lives with other people’s business.” – Unknown

“A nosy person’s insatiable curiosity is a reflection of their own empty life.” – Unknown

“Nosy people are like vultures, waiting for an opportunity to feed on other people’s lives.” – Unknown QUOTES ON WAQT IN ENGLISH

“Nosy people love to dig up dirt, but rarely find the treasure.” – Unknown

“A nosy person’s prying eyes can never see beyond the superficial.” – Unknown

“Nosy people lose sight of their own lives because they are too busy meddling in others.” – Unknown

“Nosy people are like gossip machines, always turning information into entertainment.” – Unknown

“Beware of the nosy person who pretends to be interested; they are just gathering ammunition.” – Unknown

“Nosy people lack the ability to mind their own business.” – Unknown

“Nosy people thrive on the chaos they create by meddling in other people’s affairs.” – Unknown

“A nosy person’s inquisitive nature is like a poison that spreads distrust in relationships.” – Unknown

“Nosy people are like shadows; always lurking, never truly present.” – Unknown

“A person who is always trying to get into your business is not worthy of your trust.” – Unknown