“Race is not biologically meaningful; rather, it is a social construct.” – David Suzuki

“Our genes are more alike than different, and the concept of race is based on superficial variations.” – Craig Venter

“There is only one human race, and we are all part of it.” – Richard Dawkins

“Race is a concept that has no basis in genetics. We are all part of the same species.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Race is a social invention, not a biological reality.” – Stephen Jay Gould

“The idea of race as a biological determinant of human traits has been thoroughly discredited.” – Carl Sagan

“There is more genetic diversity within racial groups than between them.” – J. Craig Venter

“Human genetic variation is continuous, and there are no sharp lines separating different races.” – Francis Collins

“Race is a cultural construct, not a scientific fact.” – Jane Goodall

“Our genetic makeup is a complex mosaic of contributions from countless ancestors, making race an artificial categorization.” – Svante Pääbo

“The concept of race is a stubborn vestige of an outdated worldview.” – Jared Diamond

“Race is a social construct that has been used to justify discrimination and inequality.” – Angela Saini

“Just as there is no scientific basis for race, there is no scientific foundation for racism.” – Richard Lewontin FAMILY IS LIKE A TREE QUOTE

“Race is a human invention, a way to categorize and control others.” – Evelyn Fox Keller

“The idea of race has caused more harm than good throughout history.” – Lawrence Krauss

“The genetic differences between individuals of the same race can often exceed those between individuals of different races.” – Stephen Suomi

“Race is a concept built on stereotypes and assumptions, not on scientific evidence.” – Sarah Tishkoff

“Human beings are 99% genetically identical, regardless of race.” – Spencer Wells

“Race is a social construct that perpetuates divisions and fosters prejudice.” – Lisa Anderson

“The concept of race has been used to justify everything from slavery to genocide, but it has no scientific foundation.” – Paul Nurse

“Race is a cultural and historical construct, not a reflection of biological reality.” – May Berenbaum

“Ethnicity and cultural background play a significant role in shaping our experiences, but the concept of race is unfounded scientifically.” – Anna Di Rienzo

“Human diversity is complex and multifaceted; reducing it to race oversimplifies the reality.” – R. Michael Roberts

“The idea of race as a hierarchical classification has no basis in biology; it is a social construct that perpetuates discrimination.” – Nina Jablonski