“True friends are those who lift you up, not those who weigh you down with their selfishness.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend is like a black hole, sucking in all your energy and leaving you empty.” – Unknown

“Beware of selfish friends; they will always put their needs above yours.” – Unknown

“In the presence of a selfish friend, your happiness will always come second.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend will only be there for you when it benefits them.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends care more about what they can gain from you, rather than what they can give.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend will never genuinely celebrate your achievements; they will always find a way to make it about themselves.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends drain the joy out of life, leaving you feeling emotionally exhausted.” – Unknown

“Life is too short to spend it surrounded by selfish friends who only think of themselves.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend is like a poison that slowly destroys your relationship and wellbeing.” – Unknown

“You deserve friends who are selfless, not selfish; choose wisely.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends will come running to you in times of need, but when you require their support, they will be nowhere to be found.” – Unknown

“Don’t waste your time on selfish friends; they will never truly appreciate your presence in their life.” – Unknown SAY LESS QUOTES

“Selfish friends see you as a resource, not a person who deserves love and respect.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends will always prioritize their own desires, even if it means disregarding your feelings.” – Unknown

“Life is too beautiful to be spent with selfish friends who only care about themselves.” – Unknown

“True friendship is built on trust, support, and selflessness – qualities often absent in selfish friends.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends will always find a way to make your problems about themselves.” – Unknown

“Surround yourself with friends who are genuinely concerned about your happiness, not those who are driven by their own self-interest.” – Unknown

“Choose friends who give as much as they take; a selfish friendship is toxic to your well-being.” – Unknown

“Don’t mistake a selfish friend for a true friend; they may wear the same mask, but their intentions are different.” – Unknown

“Don’t let selfish friends undermine your self-worth; you deserve better.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends will always make excuses when it comes to supporting you, but expect you to drop everything for them.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend will never understand the richness of a deep and meaningful friendship.” – Unknown

“Life is too short to hold on to selfish friends; let go and make room for true companionship.” – Unknown