“Sometimes the person you thought would always be there ends up changing, and you have to learn to accept it.” – Unknown

“People change, and it hurts when your best friend becomes a stranger.” – Unknown

“It’s hard to watch your best friend change into someone you don’t recognize anymore.” – Unknown

“When your best friend starts changing, it’s like losing a piece of yourself.” – Unknown

“True friends are the ones who remain by your side even when everything changes.” – Unknown

“Change is inevitable, but losing your best friend to it can be devastating.” – Unknown

“The hardest part about your best friend changing is realizing you’ve lost someone who meant the world to you.” – Unknown

“I miss our old friendship, back when everything was simple and you hadn’t changed.” – Unknown

“Sometimes you outgrow your best friend, and it’s as painful as any breakup.” – Unknown

“I never thought I would lose my best friend to the person they’ve become.” – Unknown

“Change can reveal who your true friends are, but it can also take away the ones you trusted the most.” – Unknown

“The saddest part about your best friend changing is having to let go of all the memories you shared.” – Unknown

“When your best friend changes, all those promises of forever feel like empty words.” – Unknown POSITIVE QUOTE FOR A FRIEND WHO IS FEELING DOWN

“People change, and sometimes that change means losing your best friend.” – Unknown

“It’s hard to accept that your best friend is no longer the person you could rely on.” – Unknown

“The pain of watching your best friend change is knowing you can’t do anything to fix it.” – Unknown

“Sometimes you have to accept that people come into your life for a season, and then they change or leave.” – Unknown

“You can’t force someone to stay the same, even if they were once your best friend.” – Unknown

“When your best friend changes, it feels like a betrayal of everything you once shared.” – Unknown

“Friendships sometimes change more than they should, and it’s hard to accept that.” – Unknown

“Friendships evolve, but it’s not easy when your best friend changes into someone you no longer connect with.” – Unknown

“Change is supposed to be a good thing, but losing your best friend to it feels anything but.” – Unknown

“It’s a painful realization when your best friend starts changing, and you can’t be a part of their new life.” – Unknown

“Life moves on, and sometimes that means leaving your best friend behind.” – Unknown