“Happiness is only real when shared.” – Jon Krakauer

“The best way to be happy with someone is to learn to be happy alone. That way, the company will be a matter of choice and not necessity.” – José Micard Teixeira

“Happiness is having someone to share your crazy thoughts and weird dreams with.” – Unknown

“The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.” – William Saroyan

“Being happy with someone means accepting them as they are, flaws and all.” – Unknown

“Happiness is being with someone who makes you smile, even when they’re not around.” – Unknown

“A true soul mate is not someone you find, but someone you create with. They are made from the same substance of your dreams and align with your values.” – Unknown

“True happiness comes from within, but having someone to share it with multiplies the joy.” – Unknown

“Happiness is not about finding someone perfect, but about finding someone who will love and accept you perfectly.” – Unknown

“Happiness is being understood by someone who knows your flaws and wants to be a part of your journey anyway.” – Unknown

“Happiness is being grateful for the little things you both experience together.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone is not about having a perfect relationship, but about embracing imperfections and finding joy in the journey.” – Unknown

“Happiness is knowing that someone has your back no matter what.” – Unknown

“True happiness is finding someone who can turn even the most mundane moments into beautiful memories.” – Unknown QUOTE ABOUT JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE

“Happiness is holding hands with someone who loves and supports you unconditionally.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone is feeling safe in their embrace and having complete trust in their love.” – Unknown

“Happiness is finding someone who knows how to make your heart smile.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone is knowing that even on the toughest days, they are there to hold you up.” – Unknown

“Happiness is having someone who sees your potential and encourages you to become the best version of yourself.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone means celebrating each other’s successes and comforting each other during failures.” – Unknown

“Happiness is finding someone who chooses you every day, despite the challenges that come their way.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone is feeling a sense of peace and contentment when you’re together.” – Unknown

“Happiness is when you and someone else create a little bubble of joy amidst a chaotic world.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone means accepting their past, supporting their present, and believing in their future.” – Unknown

“Happiness is sharing inside jokes and secret smiles with someone who truly gets you.” – Unknown

“Being happy with someone is realizing that you are complete on your own, but choosing to share your happiness with them anyway.” – Unknown