“Paranoia is just a heightened sense of awareness.” – Unknown

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” – Kurt Cobain

“Paranoia is knowing all the facts.” – Woody Allen

“The worst thing about paranoid people is that they’re usually right.” – Unknown

“Paranoid people are often the most observant.” – Unknown

“Paranoia: the feeling that no matter how prepared you are, danger is right around the corner.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a survival instinct in an unpredictable world.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the art of connecting unrelated events.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the mind’s way of protecting itself.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the imagination’s way of protecting us from the unknown.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the price you pay for a heightened sense of intuition.” – Unknown

“Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.” – William S. Burroughs

“Paranoia is self-preservation in overdrive.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a coping mechanism in an uncertain world.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a defense mechanism against the unknown.” – Unknown CONFUSED QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“Paranoia is just a sign of a well-functioning mind.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the result of an active imagination.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a reminder to trust your instincts.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the mind’s way of detecting hidden motives.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a heightened state of caution.” – Unknown

“Paranoia: the feeling that even in the safest places, danger is lurking.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the brain’s way of keeping you on your toes.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the price you pay for being one step ahead.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the mind playing out worst-case scenarios.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a survival instinct that keeps us alert in dangerous times.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is like an early warning system for potential threats.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is seeing patterns where others see chaos.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is the subconscious mind protecting us from hidden dangers.” – Unknown

“Paranoia is a burden that comes with a heightened sense of responsibility.” – Unknown