“I’m not finished, I’m just a work in progress.”

“I shall call him Edward.”

“Before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did.”

“I can’t pretend to be your son forever.”

“People are afraid of me because I am different.”

“Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I love you.”

“Kim, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Stay away from me. If you go near Hearst, it will be the end of both of us.”

“I’m not the only one who’s lonely, am I?”

“This is the spot where they found your grandfather.” MOTHERS WISDOM QUOTES

“I just wanted to hold Kim’s hand. Where are you taking me?”

“I’m not sure I can trust you. You might be trying to trick me.”

“I have a feeling you may become very important in my life.”

“I’m not from the neighborhood. I live in a place where the snow never melts.”

“When you’re young, everything is beautiful.”

“I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to help you.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. I have nothing to offer you.”

“Joyce, I lost track of time.”

“Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.”

“Kim, will you still love me even after what I’ve done?”