“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

“Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked.”

“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it.”

“What is to give light must endure burning.”

“There is nothing in the world, I venture to say, that would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions as the knowledge that there is a meaning in one’s life.”

“Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become in the next moment.”

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, just an hour of clear, deeply felt silence is enough to raise our spirits and at least cure ourselves of self-pity.”

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.”

“Live as if you were living for the second time and had acted as wrongly the first time as you are about to act now.”

“In the final analysis, the question of why bad things happen to good people still remains unanswered.”

“Love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire.”

“Freedom is in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of responsibility.”

“The salvation of man is through love and in love.” FAMOUS QUOTES ABOUT GEORGE MILTON

“Once the meaning and purpose of suffering are understood, the sufferer is able to bear his or her suffering.”

“The greatest task for any person is to find meaning and purpose in their life.”

“What matters is not the meaning of life in general, but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.”

“Challenging the meaninglessness of life is the true antidote for existential emptiness.”

“The meaning of life is not to be discovered in a world perception but to be created by ourselves.”

“We can discover this meaning in life in three different ways: creating a work or doing a deed, experiencing something or encountering someone, and by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering.”

“The meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour.”

“The human person is a complex unity of body, mind, and spirit; suffering affects and is affected by all three.”

“Suffering ceases to be suffering in some way at the very moment it finds a meaning.”

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can always control your response.”

“Hope is the ultimate driving force behind human actions.”

“We can find meaning in life even in the most difficult circumstances.”

“True fulfillment comes from giving oneself to a cause greater than oneself.”

“Man is capable of changing the world for the better if he can change himself.”