“Size has nothing to do with worthiness, intelligence, or beauty.” – Unknown

“Don’t judge a person by their size; judge them by the size of their heart.” – Unknown

“The only weight that really matters is the weight of your character.” – Unknown

“Your worth is not determined by the number on the scale.” – Unknown

“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” – Unknown

“Fat is just an adjective, not a measure of worth.” – Unknown

“Your weight doesn’t define your value as a person.” – Unknown

“Don’t let society’s standards overshadow your confidence.” – Unknown

“Fat people are human beings deserving of respect and compassion, just like anyone else.” – Unknown

“Self-love has no size limit.” – Unknown

“Your health and happiness are more important than anyone’s opinion of your body.” – Unknown

“Fat bodies are just as valid and worthy of love as any other body type.” – Unknown

“It’s what’s inside that counts, not what’s on the outside.” – Unknown WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE QUOTES

“Body positivity means embracing all body shapes, including fat bodies.” – Unknown

“Don’t let anyone shame you for being comfortable in your own skin.” – Unknown

“Fat is not a flaw, it’s just a variation of beauty.” – Unknown

“There is so much more to a person than their weight.” – Unknown

“Size diversity is what makes the world interesting and beautiful.” – Unknown

“Your self-worth should never be tied to a number on a scale.” – Unknown

“Fat doesn’t equal lazy, unhealthy, or unworthy.” – Unknown

“The world needs more kindness and less judgment.” – Unknown

“Fat people have dreams, goals, and talents just like anyone else.” – Unknown

“Fat-shaming is never okay; it only perpetuates negativity and hurt.” – Unknown

“Society needs to redefine its beauty standards to include all body shapes and sizes.” – Unknown

“Loving and accepting yourself at any size is an act of rebellion against societal norms.” – Unknown