“The best revenge is living well.”

“Success is the best revenge.”

“Happiness looks gorgeous on me, doesn’t it?”

“Never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who has already moved on.”

“Did you hear? I upgraded to a better version of myself.”

“Oh, it seems you missed out on what could have been.”

“Guess who’s making waves while you’re still stuck in the past?”

“I’m too busy loving my life to have time for regrets.”

“Actions speak louder than words, and my happiness proves it.”

“Your opinion of me is irrelevant now.”

“Thank you for teaching me that I deserve better.”

“You lost someone who loved you unconditionally.”

“Remember the person you couldn’t appreciate? Well, someone else does now.” BEAUTIFUL QUOTES ABOUT SELF LOVE

“Thanks for showing me what I don’t want in a partner anymore.”

“I hope you find someone who treats you as well as I would never do again.”

“Living my best life, with or without you.”

“My happiness doesn’t depend on you anymore.”

“The best way to win a game is by not playing it.”

“I’m too busy creating a better future to dwell on the past.”

“Leaving you was the best decision I ever made.”

“Someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure.”

“Don’t be surprised when you see me soaring high without you.”

“I’ve learned that true happiness comes from within, not from someone else.”

“Your absence made space for something better to come into my life.”

“My happiness is not about making you jealous; it’s about being genuinely happy.”

“The best revenge is indifference – not caring about you anymore.”