“The only way to heal a broken heart is to give yourself time to grieve and then pick up the pieces and move on.” – Unknown

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth.” – Unknown

“You are strong enough to let go and create the life you deserve.” – Unknown

“The only way to let go is to realize there was nothing to hold on to.” – Unknown

“You deserve someone who is all in and not just halfway.” – Unknown

“Sometimes you have to let go of what’s behind you, in order to see what’s in front of you.” – Unknown

“One day you will wake up and realize that your broken heart has slowly mended itself into something beautiful.” – Unknown

“Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreak makes you wiser.” – Unknown

“Every heartbreak is a lesson, a lesson in self-love and worthiness.” – Unknown

“Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be and move on.” – Unknown

“It is okay to feel broken for a while, but remember, you are not defined by your pain.” – Unknown

“You cannot start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one.” – Unknown

“Don’t let a broken heart make you bitter; let it make you better.” – Unknown

“The greatest love is not to hold on tightly, but to let go.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT THE GOSPEL

“Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.” – The Wizard of Oz

“Hold on to the love you have, let go of the pain that broke you.” – Unknown

“One day, you will realize that second chances were never meant for goodbyes.” – Unknown

“Every goodbye is an opportunity to start again, and every heartbreak is a chance to learn and grow.” – Unknown

“When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

“Don’t let the fear of being heartbroken stop you from experiencing love again.” – Unknown

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“Trust the timing of your life. What is meant for you will never miss you, and what misses you was never meant for you.” – Unknown

“Heartbreak is not the end; it’s just the beginning of something better.” – Unknown

“Don’t break your own heart by holding on to someone who doesn’t deserve you.” – Unknown

“Sometimes the thing that is hurting you the most is the very thing you need to let go of.” – Unknown

“Keep your head high, your heart open, and your spirit free. The right person will come along and make the past heartbreaks a distant memory.” – Unknown