“I’m not a ‘photo-realist.’ I’m a painter of reality.”

“I choose subjects that speak to the heart of American culture.”

“I am fascinated by the mundane and everyday objects that are often overlooked.”

“I want my paintings to capture a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.”

“There’s a certain poetry in the ordinary.”

“A good painting is like a good story; it draws you in and makes you think.”

“I strive to capture the beauty in the ordinary, the unnoticed details of our surroundings.”

“Every object has its own story to tell.”

“I find inspiration in the nostalgia of the past.”

“The beauty of painting is in the process of transforming the ordinary into art.”

“I paint what I see, not what I think I should see.”

“My goal is to take the viewer on a journey through everyday life.”

“I hope that my paintings can evoke a sense of reflection and appreciation for the simple beauty around us.” FAMOUS QUOTES ABOUT FIGHTING TERRORISM

“There’s something timeless about the American landscape, and I strive to capture that in my work.”

“I am constantly in awe of the moments and scenes that often go unnoticed.”

“I believe that there is beauty in the mundane, and it is my job to bring that to light.”

“Each painting is a conversation between me and the subject.”

“I want my paintings to be a celebration of the everyday.”

“Realism is not about copying, but about capturing the essence of an object or scene.”

“No matter how ordinary, every object has a certain magic to it.”

“My hope is that my paintings can transport the viewer to a different time and place.”

“There’s something comforting in the familiarity of everyday objects.”

“I paint what I love, and I love the world around me.”

“Through my work, I invite the viewers to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.”