I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Here are some quotes about Ramadan that may provide comfort and strength during this time:

“Ramadan is not fasting. It is escaping from the banality of our routine lives and entering into a world of spiritual reflection and self-discipline.” – Dr. Umar Farooq Abdullah

“In Ramadan, getting closer to Allah is the key. And sometimes, trials and challenges are the means to get closer to Him.” – Nouman Ali Khan

“Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food and drink. It is about purifying the soul, refocusing attention on Allah, and reconnecting with loved ones.” – Unknown

“In the silence of the night, the true essence of Ramadan is found. It’s a time of reflection, prayer, and seeking closeness to Allah.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we empty our stomachs to feed our souls.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is an opportunity for a fresh start, a time to amend our ways, seek forgiveness, and become a better version of ourselves.” – Unknown

“The true beauty of Ramadan lies in the way it transforms our hearts and souls, making us more compassionate and understanding.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is not just about fasting from food and drink, but also fasting from negative thoughts, actions, and emotions.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, our hunger for food is replaced by a hunger for righteousness.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a month of blessing, forgiveness, and spiritual breakthroughs. It is a time to rejuvenate our faith and strengthen our relationship with Allah.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a reminder that our time in this world is limited, and our focus should be on building a lasting relationship with Allah.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we learn to appreciate the blessings of food and water by experiencing hunger and thirst, and in turn, develop empathy for those who face these struggles every day.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a month of reflection, self-evaluation, and personal growth. It is a time to shed old habits and embrace new ones that bring us closer to Allah.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is not just a month of fasting, it is a month of spiritual transformation, where the seeds of positive change are sown and nurtured.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we break free from the chains of our desires and focus on the eternal pleasure of Allah.” – Yasmin Mogahed QUOTES ABOUT BAD DAUGHTER IN LAW

“Ramadan is a time to recalibrate and realign our priorities, putting our relationship with Allah above all else.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we experience hunger and thirst, so we can have a deeper appreciation for the blessings of food and water, and develop gratitude for all that Allah provides.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a time to seek forgiveness, not just from Allah, but also from those we have wronged. It is a time to mend broken relationships and heal old wounds.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, the doors of mercy are wide open, and the desires of the righteous are fulfilled.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a time to purify the heart, cleanse the soul, and detoxify the body.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we find solace and strength in the practice of patience and self-restraint.” – Unknown

“Ramadan reminds us that no matter how busy life gets, we must always make time for our spiritual well-being.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we learn to control our tongues, choosing words of kindness and restraint over anger and gossip.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a time to reconnect with the Quran, seeking guidance and inspiration from its timeless teachings.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, the night prayers hold a special significance. They are a time of deep reflection, repentance, and seeking forgiveness.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a journey of self-discovery, where we confront our weaknesses, embrace our strengths, and strive for personal growth.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we learn to be grateful for the blessings we often take for granted, including health, family, and the opportunity to worship Allah.” – Unknown

“Ramadan is a month of intense worship, where the spiritual rewards are multiplied and our hearts are uplifted.” – Unknown

“In Ramadan, we are reminded that our ultimate goal is to please Allah and attain His eternal mercy, forgiveness, and Paradise.” – Unknown

May these quotes provide you with strength and inspiration during this holy month. Remember, Allah is always with you, even in the absence of your father.