“Regret is a bitter companion when it comes to matters of the heart.” – Unknown

“I regret not cherishing the love we had, for it was deeper than I ever realized.” – Unknown

“Regret is like a ghost that haunts relationships gone wrong.” – Unknown

“The deepest regret is the one you feel when you realize what you had and let it slip away.” – Unknown

“I never thought I would regret loving someone, but here I am, drowning in the ocean of my own remorse.” – Unknown

“The regret of losing someone who truly loved you is a pain that never truly fades away.” – Unknown

“Regret is a harsh reminder that actions have consequences, especially in matters of the heart.” – Unknown

“The deeper the love, the greater the regret when it ends.” – Unknown

“Regret is an unwelcome visitor, constantly reminding you of what could have been.” – Unknown

“The weight of regret can crush even the strongest of relationships.” – Unknown

“No amount of wishing can change the regrets of the past.” – Unknown GOOD QUOTES FOR SELF

“Regret is a constant shadow, whispering reminders of what could have been.” – Unknown

“Regret is a cruel reminder of the mistakes we made in love.” – Unknown

“The greatest regret is not trying harder to make love work.” – Unknown

“Regret is a painful lesson that reminds us of the value of love.” – Unknown

“Regret is the bitter aftertaste of a love that was never fully appreciated.” – Unknown

“The regret of losing someone you loved deeply never truly goes away.” – Unknown

“Regret is like a nagging ache that reminds you of the love you let slip through your fingers.” – Unknown

“The deepest regrets come from the love we didn’t fight for.” – Unknown

“Regret is a haunting melody that plays on repeat in relationships gone wrong.” – Unknown

“The regret of not giving your all in love is a heavy burden to carry.” – Unknown