I’m so sorry for your loss. Here are 25 Urdu quotes about remembering a father’s death:

“Baap ka inteqal, ek chirag ka bujh jana hai.”

(The death of a father is like extinguishing a lamp.)

“Babuji ab hamesha ke liye humare dilon mein rahenge.”

(Father, you will now reside forever in our hearts.)

“Mere abaad hone ki dua, apko hamesha yad rakhenge.”

(My wish for your eternal peace, I will always remember you.)

“Baap jaisa koi duja nahi hota.”

(There is no one like a father.)

“Aadhi sadi ho gayi humse, par aapki yaad abhi tak hai.”

(Half a century has passed, but your memory still remains.)

“Duniya mein ek aadmi jo dil se dur rahe huwe bhi paas hota hai, wo mera abba hai.”

(There is a man in this world who remains close to my heart even though he is physically far away, that man is my father.)

“Yeh afsana nahi, yeh sach hai, mere abaad huwe baba mujhe silte hai.”

(This is not a story, it is the truth. My father, who passed away, still embraces me.)

“Apko humesha yad rakhenge, kyunki yaadein toh sadiyon tak zinda rehti hai.”

(We will always remember you, because memories remain alive for centuries.)

“Mere baba ka intezar hai, mere paas sirf yaad hai.”

(I wait for my father, I only have memories.)

“Aapki khushi humare dil mein bas gayi hai, ab aapko yaad karke hi muskurana hai.”

(Your happiness has settled in our hearts, now our smiles come from remembering you.)

“Babuji, aap jaisa pyara mehboob hume aur koi nahi de sakta.”

(Father, no one can give us a loving companion like you.)

“Aapki yaadon se humari bandish hai, chote se gehre rishte hai.”

(Our hearts are bound by memories of you, they form deep and precious bonds.)

“Dil mein yeh samundar hai, aapki yaadon ka samandar hai.”

(There is an ocean in my heart, it’s the ocean of your memories.) THE BOND BETWEEN FATHER AND SON QUOTES

“Baap, ab aapki yaadon mein hi jeena hai.”

(Father, now I live in the memories of you.)

“Babuji ke jaane se, mera saath nahi badla hai, sirf woh dor ho gaya hai.”

(Your departure, father, hasn’t changed my connection with you, it has only become invisible.)

“Baap, aapko yaad karte rehna hai meri aadat ban gayi hai.”

(Father, remembering you has become my habit.)

“Zindagi toh sirf baap ke intezar mein hi kat jati hai.”

(Life passes while waiting for our fathers.)

“Baap ki mohabbat jaise ahad hai, jo hamesh kamiyab hai.”

(A father’s love is like a promise, it always prevails.)

“Aap toh chahe chale gaye, lekin aapki yaad humare paas hai.”

(You may have left, but your memories remain with us.)

“Har dua mein aapka naam hota hai, aap humare dil ke paas ho.”

(Your name is in every prayer, you are close to our hearts.)

“Baap toh hamesha unke bachon ke saath hote hai, chahe jaisa bhi ho.”

(Fathers are always there for their children, no matter the circumstance.)

“Jab bhi hum aapko yaad karte hai, aapke khayalon mein hi khoye rehte hai.”

(Whenever we remember you, we get lost in our thoughts of you.)

“Aap jaise dost toh sirf ek hi baar milte hai, aur wo mere baap hai.”

(Friends like you are found only once, and that is my father.)

“Aapki yaadein humesha hamein saath deti hai, aapki absence mein bhi.”

(Your memories always accompany us, even in your absence.)

“Aapki kami bohot mehsoos hoti hai, lekin aapka asar humare zindagi mein hamesha bana rahega.”

(We feel your absence deeply, but your impact will always be part of our lives.)

Please remember that these quotes are meant to provide comfort and condolence.