“I will protect Luffy’s dream… with my life!” – Sabo

“No matter what, I won’t let anyone crush my dreams!” – Sabo

“The belief in freedom and justice, that’s what kept me alive all these years!” – Sabo

“Pirates don’t belong in this world. I will save this world, even if I have to die trying!” – Sabo

“A man’s dream never dies, it keeps burning on. I will make my own path!” – Sabo

“I will become the wind that will change this world!” – Sabo

“As long as I’m alive, I won’t let anyone harm my brothers!” – Sabo

“I won’t hesitate to fight for what I believe in!” – Sabo

“You don’t need strength to become someone important. You just have to be brave enough to take a stand.” – Sabo

“Our fate is not determined by birth, but by the choices we make!” – Sabo

“I will never forget my past, but I will shape my future!” – Sabo

“I will defy destiny itself if it means protecting those I care about!” – Sabo WHY DO WE SAY QUOTE UNQUOTE

“I may not have power, but I have the will to change the world!” – Sabo

“If I must sacrifice myself for the ones I love, then I will do it without hesitation!” – Sabo

“Our bond as brothers is unbreakable, even in the face of death!” – Sabo

“I won’t let anyone control my fate, I will decide my own!” – Sabo

“The fire within me burns brighter than any obstacle in my path!” – Sabo

“I will fight for the freedom of every living being, no matter the cost!” – Sabo

“I will stand up against injustice, even if it means standing alone!” – Sabo

“I believe in the power of dreams, and I will make mine a reality!” – Sabo

“Everyone has the potential to change the world, if they have the courage to try!” – Sabo

“I will live my life to the fullest, and leave no regrets behind!” – Sabo

“No matter how dark the world may seem, there is always hope for a brighter future!” – Sabo